EKTAGRAPHIC III Slide Projector, Model AFT

The KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC III Slide Projector, Model AFT, is a modified version of the standard Model A projector. A timer-with-fade feature was added specifically for use in cinema pre-show applications. It was available to a limited number of companies involved with theater pre-show advertising systems. It was not for sale through normal audio-visual channels for general use.

Kodak is providing this information as there have been a few instances of AFTs finding their way onto the internet for sale.

The cinema pre-show application included a slide projector working many hours/day in less than pristine environments. This means that AFTs are more apt to be candidates for maintenance.

Unlike other slide projectors sold for general use, the AFT did not ship with the following items:

  • No user manual
  • No slide tray
  • No lamp
  • No cabled remote
  • No lens

It did ship with two documents as follows:

  1. How to Use
  2. Important Maintenance Tips