Replacement Bulbs

Over the years Kodak has manufactured many projectors, flash units, etc., that use "replacement" lamps or bulbs. These lamps/bulbs were made by major lamp manufacturers—not by Kodak. Although readily available when our products were current, these items may now be hard to find. Some retailers are reluctant to stock them because of low demand. In some cases, very old lamps and bulbs have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

We suggest that you contact a large camera store, photo supply store, or audiovisual dealer in your area to see if they have the lamp or bulb you need in stock or if they can order it for you. You may also be able to purchase it through mail-order firms that advertise in popular photo magazines available at newsstands. Listed below are two potential sources for locating bulbs. There are many others, which can be located in your local phone directory.

Bulb Direct
1 Fishers Road
Pittsford, NY 14534
(585) 385-3540
(800) 772-5267

Bulbman, Inc.
630 Sunshine Lane
Reno, NV 89502
(800) 648-1163

Providing names does not imply a recommendation by Eastman Kodak Company, nor reflect upon the quality of the products or services offered.