Features at a Glance

KODAK EKTAPRO Slide Projectors

Information regarding models 320, 3020, 4020, and 5020 can be found under
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KODAK EKTAPRO Projector 7020 9020
Microprocessor control for all functions OK OK
Dual-plane pressure system slide gate OK OK
Stepper motor drive for tray and slide transport OK OK
Accepts 80 slide tray OK OK
Accepts 140 slide tray OK OK
No slide - no light feature OK OK
Standby function OK OK
Economy lamp setting OK OK
Fully recyclable glassfibre reeinforced plastic housing OK OK
KODAK EKTAPRO Projector 7020 9020
Slide Gate, Lamp Module and Lens Support of Zink Dye Cast OK OK
Slide format 24 x 36/40 x 40 (with special condenser) OK OK
Slide change time 0.88 sec 0.88 sec
System check and tray zeroing on switch on OK OK
Random access via Infrared Remote Controls OK OK
Removable Extra Bright Single Lamp Module - -
Removable Extra Bright Dual Lamp Module with integrated lamp change OK OK
Lamp failure indicators (2 red LED's) OK OK
Zero postitioning indicator OK OK
KODAK EKTAPRO Projector 7020 9020
Autofocus (with override function) - OK
AV-Slot for accessory modules OK OK
P-Bus In for external control OK OK
P-Bus Out with Address Switch: chain up to 16 projectors OK OK
Automatic Zero Reset after last slide - OK
Built-in Timer (11 time settings 1 - 60 sec) - OK
Bulit-in dissolver for a two projector dissolve OK OK
Soft Slide Change OK OK
Remote security mode to block certain functions of the IR-remote during a presentation OK OK
KODAK EKTAPRO Projector 7020 9020
Parallel operation, independant control of the projectors and individual lamp control when two projectors are in operation OK OK
High-Light feature provides up to 20% more light on screen OK OK
Autotimer (1 to 60 seconds) for self running shows and for parallel operation can be set via IR-remote control OK OK
Projection lamps EXR 82 V/35 h/300 W
FHS 82 V/70 h/300 W
EXY 82 V/200 h/250 W
Height adjustment >10°
Mains voltage 120, 220, 230, 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption approx. 380 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 340 x 336 x 140 mm
Weight approx. 9000 g