What's the best way to tell if my presentation was successful?

Well, one obvious way is to listen to the reaction from the audience. If they've paid attention, responded in the right places and clapped loudly at the end, you've probably succeeded.

But then again, they may just be polite!

If you want to be truly sure what your audience thought, and learn from any mistakes, it is best to ask some or all of your audience to complete a simple evaluation sheet. The questions below may help you construct a questionnaire which serves your purposes. The feedback from an evaluation can show what you do well and identify weakness upon which you can improve next time:

  1. Were the objectives of the presentation clear?

  2. What were the most successful features of the presentation?

  3. What were the least satisfactory aspects?

  4. How might the presentation be improved?

  5. How would you rate the presentation? (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Poor)