KODAK Slide Projection CF Lenses

Curved-Field Lenses

(Not recommended for general purpose slide projection; refer to KODAK FF lenses.)

For best results under most conditions, use a flat-field lens.

Curved-field lenses are optically designed to correct for a natural curvature of film in some open-face mounts.

  • Not for use with glass mounted slides.
  • Not for use in rear projection applications
  • Not for use with some open-faced mounts that have been created using an automated system which flattens the film surface and eliminates pillow curve.

For more information on choosing flate-field or curved-field lenses, call the Kodak Information Center 1-800-242-2424.

  • KODAK Slide Projection CF Lens, 102 mm f /2.8
    CAT# 178 2382
  • KODAK Slide Projection CF Lens, 102 to 152 mm f /3.5
    CAT# 141 4457