KODAK Extra Bright Lamp Module 121 7629 (Dark Beige) KODAK Extra Bright Lamp Module 139 3982 (Black)

When added to any KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC III Slide Projector, this new lamp module provides brighter colors at any distance. This upgrade provides an average of 30%* greater light output (up to 1300 lumens) over standard EKTAGRAPHIC slide projectors without this module. Keep an extra on hand to use as a backup module for quick lamp changes.

* Based on Kodak Test Lab results in side-by-side comparison of old vs. new lamp modules across over 200 samplings of EXR lamps.

The KODAK Extra Bright Lamp Module provides the brightest light output on KODAK EKTAGRAPHIC III and EKTALITE Slide Projectors. Your images will look brighter and richer than older units without this improved module.

It features a lighted indicator on the module door. This indicator displays a "lamp ON" condition at the back of the projector. It will also help locate the Extra Bright Lamp Module when multiple projectors are installed.

Product Selection Guide
KODAK Extra Bright Lamp Module EKTAGRAPHIC III (older gray and black models) EKTAGRAPHIC III New Look
(beige model)
(all models)
CAT 139 3982 Black Bar    
CAT 121 7629   Black Bar  
CAT 816 7181     Black Bar

Performance Guide
Lamp Average Brightness Screen Lumens)* Average Lamp Life (Hours)† Average % Increase Brightness with Extra Bright Lamp Module‡
EXR 1,000 40 40%
FHS 800 80 35%
*Using a 100 mm lens at f/2.8 on HIGH brightness. The LOW setting reduces brightness approximately 30%
†Figures represent HIGH position on projectors with HIGH and LOW brightness settings.
‡Based on performance tests with a single lamp. The difference between minimum and maximum brightness may be as high as 40%